<center>I want my daddy for Christmas!</center>

I want my daddy for Christmas!


"DADDY, DADDY?!" The words of 2 year old Pablo, trying to ask for his father who has been detained by ICE for almost a year.

Ardani Rosales Lemus (A#098-918-011) has been detained since December 2012 in Eloy Detention Center and now in Florence Service Processing Center. He has spent almost a year away from his family, a year in which he missed two important events in his life: his own wedding and the birth of his second child, a beautiful daughter which he hasn’t been able to hold in his arms. He will now spend the holidays in a cell, just for coming to an amazing country for an opportunity for a better future to escape Guatemala where his life was in risk.

His two year old who barely understands w hat is going on needs his father back for the holidays. Also his newborn cannot spend her very first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her father.

Adarni can no longer be separated from his family!

Adarni was pulled over for a minor traffic violation and was placed in deportation proceedings. No father should be deported for driving to work, our community is in crisis and senseless deportations must come to an end.

His family has been in the U.S. since 2005, they came to escape the fear of death they faced in Guatemala. Back in his hometown, Adarni organized youth to stay out of gangs. This led to multiple threats from one of the most powerful gangs in the world La Mara Salvatrucha and he was also badly beaten by this group.

Adarni and his family are fearful of returning to Guatemala, he is seeking asylum in this country which has been home for so long. He is one of the 11 Million that needs Congress to act now and deliver real immigration reform that will allow Adarni to have a pathway to citizenship and real relief from deportation.

Ardani is set to be deported Friday December 6, 2013! Please sign and ask Field Director Jon Gurule to grant Stay of Removal and release Adarni Rosales Lemus (A# 098-918-011) immediately from Florence Service Processing Center. Please sign and ask Congressman Ed Pastor to urge ICE to grant Stay of Removal to Ardani so that he could be released to be reunited with his newborn and two year old citizen kids.