<center>Let father of U.S Citizens be reunited with his family!</center>

Let father of U.S Citizens be reunited with his family!


On Monday, May 19, after a tense, three-hour court hearing, an immigration judge granted release on bond for Ardani Rosales Lemus (A#098-918-011) . Ardani’s family and community rallied to raise the $10,000 overnight and paid the bond in full. Ardani’s family – his mother, wife, and two young children – were overwhelmed with relief and joy, and made posters that read “Welcome Home Daddy”.

However, the next morning, on Tuesday, May 20, ICE appealed the judge’s decision, refusing to release Ardani. This is outrageous behavior and shows just how far ICE is willing to go to separate migrant families. Grassroots organizations supporting Ardani have never seen ICE appeal a bond like this. This is an unprecedented and mean-spirited attack on Ardani’s family and the community that has fought so hard to bring him home.

Ardani’s lawyer has already made the case for the bond and his community has already come together to pay it. We are simply asking ICE to release this father while he fights his case from home.