Tell Obama We Can't Wait: Stop Deportations & Provide Relief Now!

Tell Obama We Can't Wait: Stop Deportations & Provide Relief Now!

UPDATE 7PM: DREAM Warriors released from Travis County Jail

UPDATE 12PM: DREAM Warriors have been arrested for civil disobedience

3 Brave Leaders Arrested for Civil Disobedience: Sign the Petition to stand in solidarity with them!

Today, as President Obama gave the keynote speech during the week long Civil Rights Summit at the University of Texas at Austin, three brave immigrant youth leaders and allies were arrested for civil disobedience. 

It’s hypocritical that the President -- who has presided over the most deportations in the history of this country -- give a keynote speech at the Civil Rights Summit. It’s President Obama’s harsh policies that have torn so many families apart.

The act of civil disobedience, which was a part of our #WeCantWait rally in Austin, was meant to highlight the pain that countless immigrant families must go through when they lose a loved to the administration’s out of control enforcement and deportation machine. 

Emily Freeman, of the University Leadership Initiative and a student at the University of Texas, Alex Gomez, a United We Dream leader from Arizona, and Patrick Fierro, an LGBTQ leader with GetEQUAL were all arrested today as the President prepared to give his keynote speech. 

You can stand in solidarity with Emily, Alex, Patrick and the 11 million undocumented people today by signing the petition. 

President Obama has now surpassed 2 million deportations during his six years as president, and we’re demanding that he uses his executive authority to stop deportations and provide affirmative administrative relief to the undocumented community.

Our families need action NOW and we know the President can do significantly more to prevent unnecessary suffering. The same legal authority that allowed for DACA, can be used to stop deportations and provide affirmative administrative relief for the undocumented community.

The Brave DREAM Warriors:

“Today, we are faced with a problem, and that's the separation of families. Knowing that my best friends -- 11 million people -- go to sleep with the fear of separation cannot stand. We’re all here to honor Dr. King’s legacy, one that taught us to fight for our dreams, because my closest friends and the immigrant community have dreams too. We’re here to honor the legacy of those who fought for civil rights in the past, and ask the President to think about his legacy today.” - Emily Freeman (University Leadership Initiative leader and a student at the University of Texas)

“We are here to honor the history and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rep. John Lewis, and the many others who fought for civil rights in the past -- and to ask the leaders of today to join in what is now the civil rights movement of our time. We are here to live out the Dream that Dr. King spoke about so many years ago in Washington, because we have our own dreams. “ - Alex Gomez (United We Dream leader from Arizona)

“I'm doing this is for my family, friends and community. It's vital that we continue to voice our struggle, come together to heal our hearts, and fight for a cause. My body, heart, and freedom is all I have left. We can’t wait, and the time for President Obama to act is now.” -Patrick Fierro (GetEQUAL Texas leader)

Today we stand up and say, we can’t wait. It was our organizing that led to DACA, and it will be our work this year, that leads to our biggest victory yet.