I Can't Pack My Entire Life in 40 Pounds

I Can't Pack My Entire Life in 40 Pounds

Tuesday July 8th, Erik (A# 200-894-091) was told to pack no more than 40 pounds in baggage and show up at the nearest ICE office “completely ready for deportation”. Erik cannot put his entire life in a bag and 40 pounds.

Erik Zumaya, a loving father of six U.S. citizens, is a hardworking man whose aspirations to provide a living for his children are being severely compromised because of a minor traffic violation.  In 2010, Erik was stopped by the police and was reported to immigration officials by the Secure Communities program. “I have not done anything wrong to be thrown out like a criminal.  I just want to be with my family,” says Erik.

Erik came to the United States just after he turned 17 years old, looking for a better life.  He made Austin, Texas his home and does not have a life to go back to in Mexico. All he wants is to stay here and continue providing  for his family. He is the main caretaker of his youngest daughter, who requires speech and occupational therapy.  Erik says, “I cannot be away from my family for even a day.”

Erik’s wife, who is also  a U.S. citizen, Jessica, says “Our lives have been on hold for the past four years.”  Erik and Jessica want to move on and keep raising their children together in a healthy environment. Their faith has kept them going and he and his family are active members of their parish, La Sagrada Familia.

Please sign and share the petition asking ICE to grant him prosecutorial discretion and allow him to stay with his family.

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