Stand in Solidarity with Unaccompanied Children: Send a Message of Love!

Stand in Solidarity with Unaccompanied Children: Send a Message of Love!

You would think politicians would unequivocally agree this a humanitarian crisis, but, unfortunately, not all do. Many Republicans are using children fleeing Central American violence to justify their opposition to immigrant youth and our families. It's nasty politics that’s fueling ugly hate. Children refugees are being met with the most unwelcoming anti-immigrant protests that are calling for their deportation.

Imagine a young child, already in distress, fleeing from gang violence and extortion only to be met by heartless & anti-immigrant protesters yelling dehumanizing obscenities.

We can’t let this be the only America they see.

That’s why United We Dream is in McAllen, Texas, where many of the immigrant youth are currently held --to stand in solidarity with unaccompanied children who cross the Texas border fleeing for their lives.

Thursday, July 10th starts our three-day sustained vigil outside of the McAllen, Texas shelter. We’ll be there to show them a America filled with love, and you can join us:

Leave them a message of love. We’ll write your messages on signs that we’ll hold during the vigil!

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963 1 year ago Debbie Gaisi-Buhl God loves you and many Americans want you to have a good life in this country!
962 2 years ago Maryam Ilkhani
961 2.2 years ago Ana Hernandez Love is lawful, love is kind. When time seem dark remember Jesus loves you and thts all tht matters. Don't let anyone tell u or make u feel different :)
960 2.2 years ago Eugene Pesikov Stay positive and keep the faith alive. America has a history of accepting people just like you/
959 2.2 years ago Cayden Lovejoy
958 2.3 years ago Selene Montesinos Bienvenidos... Dios los bendiga y aqui nosotros estamos para ayudarlos y protegerlos!
957 2.3 years ago joan cline Enviar pensamientos POSITIVOS tu camino.♡
Sending POSITIVE thoughts your way. ♡
956 2.3 years ago Denise Mock
955 2.3 years ago Lisa McCellon You are loved. You are safe. You will be OK. I am sorry for your pain. We are working to help you find a sense of peace, family and home here. Even if we aren't the family you were forced to leave,...
954 2.3 years ago cynthia lopez You are loved. You are strong. We will pray for you always.
953 2.3 years ago Eunice rodriguez We are with you precious children. And ready to help with anything you all need.
952 2.3 years ago Angela Peoples
951 2.3 years ago Salvatore and Nancilee Iozzia Welcome, precious children. You are loved by so many people. I hope you will find refuge from the very scary things that you have lived through. I hope that you will find love and peace and joy here...
950 2.3 years ago Mario Velazquez kids are the future not only from United States but from all the world, what if one of those kid that are now in the detain centers becomes in the future a scientist and find the cure of Cancer or HIV
949 2.3 years ago Ann Nihlen Welcome, I am glad you are here and I hope safe.
948 2.3 years ago Cheri Bricco You are loved. We want you. You are sweet and wonderful and perfect in every way.
947 2.3 years ago maria lopes i love you all!! god loves you!!! im praying for each one of you!!! AMEN!! IM HERE TO HELP!!!
946 2.3 years ago Stephanie Madora
945 2.3 years ago Stephanie Giron Hola madres, niños, niñas y bebes sigan luchando nuestra comunidad los apolla muchos de nosotros quiermos ayudar. No dejen que nadien los hagan sentir mal luchen por sus futuros.
944 2.3 years ago Jill Haga Welcome to the United States... I am glad you are here and are very brave, stay strong...
943 2.3 years ago Karla Maradiaga Hola amores!! Estoy mandando este mensaje de una centroamericana a otro. Yo los admiro muchísimo. Son muy, muy valientes y fuertes. Les pido que sigan luchando para una mejor vida, y que nunca olvid...
942 2.3 years ago Allegra Love Bienvenidos hermanos y hermanas! Nadie esta solo aqui en este pais. La mayoria de nosotros quieren conocer a uds y ayudar uds. Gracias para su valentia y le doy mi amor.
941 2.3 years ago Margareth Shepard We are figthing for you !
Hugs and prayers .
940 2.3 years ago Gonzalo Santos Bienvenidos, niños y niñas, jovenes, bebés y madres, bienvenidos todos a esta País, donde habemos muchísimos ciudadanos que les extendemos nuestra solidaridad y amor. Sepan que son pocos los que odi...
939 2.3 years ago charlie Hales welcomd
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