Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Stand with Adela and Border Families

Thanks to your pressure, Jose Antonio Vargas has been released! But this isn’t the case for most undocumented immigrants. 

Our undocumented community along the border is trapped within its own country, unable to leave and surrounded by checkpoints. It’s immoral that people aren’t free to move around the country they know as home because of a system that seeks to criminalize them.

Jose’s arrest is proof that our immigration system is broken, and was created to only tear our families apart, and this is more prevalent on the border. His arrest would have never happened if the president would expand DACA to our undocumented friends and family.

Our fight for administration relief continues! It's time for our families to be liberated, it is time for our families to be free! It is time to expand DACA!!

Sign the pledge to stand with Adela and the families who are trapped in border towns.


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595 5 days ago Maria Navarro I stand with you because we should all be free! This is America it says it in the pledge of allegiance "liberty and justice for all." Right?
594 1 week ago Jazmin Aguida Garcia Jazmin Garcia
593 1 month ago Christopher O'Donnell While I am natural citizen of the United States I have come from a family of immigrants. People coming to America seeking a better life through out the history of the USA is what has made this count...
592 2 months ago Enrique González I need help
591 2 months ago Joseph Garcia
590 3 months ago Geidy Mendez As a child of two undocumented immigrants, I know first hand the fear of deportation and losing my family. I know the fear of having family stuck at the border and suffering back home in Guatemala. ...
589 3 months ago Rev. Anthony Commarata
588 4 months ago Tatiana Fuentes Gómez As an undocumented individual that has encountered many struggles and injustices by corrupt organizations such as the immigration system in this beautiful country. I have watched so many injustices ...
587 4 months ago Coraidna Corona I believe we are all equal no matter where we come from or the color of our skin. We should be given the same opportunities to be happy and Jose Vargas is just one of many who has helped us get off ...
586 4 months ago Ximena Pedroza I stand with all border families and believe that we must change that these families are treated. I support all immigrants in and around the United States. I hope that this will be the start of a gr...
585 4 months ago Maria Baca
584 5 months ago Jacinta Kennedy I have witnessed miracles through charity and acts of kindness.
583 5 months ago Jorge Avila all families deserve to be together without being force to be apart. Kids need their parents as much as the parents need their kids.
582 5 months ago Marylin Zuniga because we are human and I love my brothers and sisters dearly.
581 6 months ago Nayeli Rodriguez I support immigrant's across the United States, because this is a country of opportunities for everyone. We all deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and deserve all rights in the United S...
580 6 months ago Carissa Stone I believe we are all human and all deserve the same rights!
579 6 months ago raul almanza my pereants are the same
578 6 months ago Nicki Viso I stand with you because you deserve to be treated with dignity.
577 6 months ago Karla Remon I stand by you because no one should not people able to see their family and be trapped like animals.
576 6 months ago Denise Lopez I stand with you because no one should have limited freedom. When many of us demonstrate the freedom we deserve but can not receive it due to a legal document.
575 7 months ago Nancy Gonzalez I stand with you because for the past 10 years living and what my parents thought would be a better future Where laws cut your dreams even shorter each year.
574 7 months ago Jennifer Portella I support you Adela!
573 7 months ago Alejandra Monica Sanchez
572 7 months ago Taylor Gamez No one should live imprisoned. Immigrants deserve the right to live free and full lives here, without fear of being unjustly arrested and sent away from family and friends. I stand with Adela and al...
571 7 months ago miguel m Guy 1: why do they hate us?
Guy 2: they hate us cause they anus.
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