Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Stand with Adela and Border Families

Thanks to your pressure, Jose Antonio Vargas has been released! But this isn’t the case for most undocumented immigrants. 

Our undocumented community along the border is trapped within its own country, unable to leave and surrounded by checkpoints. It’s immoral that people aren’t free to move around the country they know as home because of a system that seeks to criminalize them.

Jose’s arrest is proof that our immigration system is broken, and was created to only tear our families apart, and this is more prevalent on the border. His arrest would have never happened if the president would expand DACA to our undocumented friends and family.

Our fight for administration relief continues! It's time for our families to be liberated, it is time for our families to be free! It is time to expand DACA!!

Sign the pledge to stand with Adela and the families who are trapped in border towns.


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578 4 days ago Nicki Viso I stand with you because you deserve to be treated with dignity.
577 4 days ago Karla Remon I stand by you because no one should not people able to see their family and be trapped like animals.
576 1 week ago Denise Lopez I stand with you because no one should have limited freedom. When many of us demonstrate the freedom we deserve but can not receive it due to a legal document.
575 1 week ago Nancy Gonzalez I stand with you because for the past 10 years living and what my parents thought would be a better future Where laws cut your dreams even shorter each year.
574 1 week ago Jennifer Portella I support you Adela!
573 1 week ago Alejandra Monica Sanchez
572 3 weeks ago Taylor Gamez No one should live imprisoned. Immigrants deserve the right to live free and full lives here, without fear of being unjustly arrested and sent away from family and friends. I stand with Adela and al...
571 1 month ago miguel m Guy 1: why do they hate us?
Guy 2: they hate us cause they anus.
570 1 month ago jon fitch
569 1 month ago Carmen Chimal I Stand because I myself have been trapped in the united states for years not being able to see my family. In this country we are ALL IMMIGRANTS. Without immigrants this country would not even exist...
568 1 month ago Rupanpreet Kaur I also stand as a dreamer.
567 1 month ago Dayanna Franco I am standing as a Hispanic student and a Dreamer (DACA) in the United States because its our commitment to stand and support one another. Just as there has been a lot of positive support ...
566 2 months ago Sinthia perez We support Adela! #UnityProject
565 2 months ago Francisco Reyes I stand because as Latinos is our duty to stand and support one another. We are in this fight together because together we`re stronger and because we dream of a better tomorrow for us and our famili...
564 2 months ago Jose Aguilar Because we are a nation of immigrants. We value families. And our hopes dreams are just like any Americans. Our principles are that all of us are created equal and that all of us have the chance to ...
563 3 months ago Patsy Martinez I am taking a stand with Adela and millions of undocumented immigrants.
562 4 months ago Eleanor Lindberg
561 5 months ago victor pacheco Standing with Adela 100%. She is a human being and needs to be with her family pronto. Stay strong sister,we feel your pain and we stand strong with you.
560 6 months ago Natalie Wilson
559 7 months ago Maritza Gonzalez It is my moral duty as an American citizen and as a Hispanic to fight against the deportation of undocumented citizens. No matter the reasoning for entering the United States, these families deserve...
558 8 months ago Juan Jose Canchola Our obligation as educated men and women is to protect and advance the welfare of our family and community members. Doing anything less than that indicates a disservice to our convictions and a fail...
557 8 months ago Miluska Sifuentes It's my moral duty as an immigrant to support others immigrants because we all share the a dream, achieving the american dream by working hard every single day of the year. As an immigrant and legal...
556 9 months ago alejandra Rodriguez I stand by rhe undocumented families beacuse they hay the right to be with thier family and have a good paying job that the only reason they came to have a better future for their familirles and to ...
555 9 months ago alejandra Rodriguez
554 9 months ago Diego Velasco I'm making a stand in advocacy of Adela and countless other undocumented families because just as there have been unrecognized individuals standing up for immigrant students like myself, I, too, wil...
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