Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Stand with Adela and Border Families

Thanks to your pressure, Jose Antonio Vargas has been released! But this isn’t the case for most undocumented immigrants. 

Our undocumented community along the border is trapped within its own country, unable to leave and surrounded by checkpoints. It’s immoral that people aren’t free to move around the country they know as home because of a system that seeks to criminalize them.

Jose’s arrest is proof that our immigration system is broken, and was created to only tear our families apart, and this is more prevalent on the border. His arrest would have never happened if the president would expand DACA to our undocumented friends and family.

Our fight for administration relief continues! It's time for our families to be liberated, it is time for our families to be free! It is time to expand DACA!!

Sign the pledge to stand with Adela and the families who are trapped in border towns.


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512 10 hours ago Emmma Soto many Hispanic families are being separated because of this and this isn't fair. this is something Americans don't go through but im pretty sure if they did they would not stop doing what was necessa...
511 1 day ago m haley
510 2 days ago Lilia Holguin
509 3 days ago Iris Hemmerich
508 3 days ago Nancy Achenbach
507 3 days ago Nancy Achenbach
506 3 days ago Nancy Achenbach
505 3 days ago Lorraine aragon Fifteen years ago a brave young man whose father died left mexico to help his mother and four sisters. He works long hours of back breaking work. Under the fear of simple traffic stops, being cheate...
504 3 days ago Maria Christina Blanco
503 3 days ago Karla Mackey
502 4 days ago charlene pollard
501 4 days ago Lily Gutterman
500 4 days ago Naina Rana
499 4 days ago Adekunle Theophilius United States of America is a land of opportunities. Apart from the Native Indians, every other person is a migrant. People should be allowed to have a good chance at changing their lives and contri...
498 4 days ago Gregorio Rodriguez
497 4 days ago Joelle Fishman
496 4 days ago Eric & Valerie Johnson
495 4 days ago Jeresia Noris Families are being affected and the citizens who love and support them are paying the cost. If we will not consider the human cost and implications over all else then we have failed as a country an...
494 4 days ago J Angell
493 4 days ago NK Acevedo
492 4 days ago Lesley Woodward
491 6 days ago Lynne Teplin This country was built from immigrants.
490 6 days ago Colin Parker
489 6 days ago Ruth Miller
488 6 days ago Yolanda Hernandez I have family in Adela's situation too. Also this is a country that was build by immigrants. We just need to work together to help them. Si trabajamos juntos seremos mas fuertes y solo así podremos ...
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