Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Jose Antonio Vargas released, but thousands still trapped at the border!

Stand with Adela and Border Families

Thanks to your pressure, Jose Antonio Vargas has been released! But this isn’t the case for most undocumented immigrants. 

Our undocumented community along the border is trapped within its own country, unable to leave and surrounded by checkpoints. It’s immoral that people aren’t free to move around the country they know as home because of a system that seeks to criminalize them.

Jose’s arrest is proof that our immigration system is broken, and was created to only tear our families apart, and this is more prevalent on the border. His arrest would have never happened if the president would expand DACA to our undocumented friends and family.

Our fight for administration relief continues! It's time for our families to be liberated, it is time for our families to be free! It is time to expand DACA!!

Sign the pledge to stand with Adela and the families who are trapped in border towns.


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553 1 week ago Elias Naser
552 1 week ago Erika ramirez People deserve to be treated equally and not to be oppressed because of politicians interests and/ or want to keep dominating.
551 1 week ago Betty Rodriguez We are people of the world. We should have the freedom to be with our families. WE ARE NO CRIMINALS, we are simply fighting for a better world. Away from the world that we do not deserve. If the Uni...
550 2 weeks ago Seth Ronquillo
549 3 weeks ago Juan Vasquez I stand for Adela because I as well fear for my family who could also be in her shoes. It feels unfair that as an American and proud soldier of this nation, I still fear for my family. I've already ...
548 1 month ago Eloisa Moreno For me, a thousand mile journey begins with the first step. This is my first step toward realizing a just and fair immigration reform. This is the first step in a much overdue process of rehumanizat...
547 1 month ago Kande Kebe I am student in the United states
546 1 month ago ilona Derbinova Because we are humans, who can be in the same shoes. God bless those, who is compassionate and understanding.
545 3 months ago Celia Ochoa I am taking a stand with Adela and millions of undocumented immigrants to let Congress know that a law that is unjust is no law at all. No one should have to live in fear and separated from their fa...
544 3 months ago Aderly Estrada Sanchez Am standing with Adela because we all deserve to be free and have an equal opportunity for a better life.
543 3 months ago collier modell
542 3 months ago Marimer Mordoh We must respect each other, give each other a chance to have a decent life. Respect the families! Let's help one another.
541 3 months ago DOROTHY HAMMOND Am standing with Adela because I know how it feels to not be able to see or meet your family. I have been in this country for 12 years undocumented with 4 kids all citizens of the united states. the...
540 3 months ago Sonia Patel Because I know how it feels to be trapped.
539 3 months ago Noemi Ascencio
538 4 months ago Margarita Zollo
537 4 months ago Diana Medina We all deserve a better quality of life!
536 4 months ago alicia valenzuela
535 4 months ago Maryam Ilkhani
534 4 months ago Alma Arteaga Adela, along with all the other families in the border and throughout the United States, has the God given right to be beside her family and no one should have the power to decide otherwise. The US ...
532 5 months ago Alicia Morales
531 5 months ago Alejandro Ramirez
530 5 months ago Yahaira Morales Castro Being an undocumented citizen shouldn't be portrayed as being a criminal. I am taking a stand because no family deserves to be divided because of the status on a sheet of paper.
529 5 months ago Denise Sala-Gore Many children come here as infants of no fault of their own. This is the only country that they know and have called the US home. They have attended our schools, colleges and have even served in th...
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