#HTownIsHome: Era Of Resistance

Join us in Houston TX along with millions around the nation and around the globe to declare in no uncertain terms that we will stand in the way of criminalization, mass deportation and hatred.

We will launch a new Era of Resistance to win local policy changes at the state level, the City of Houston, and Washington.

In nearly 50 cities across the country, immigrants and people of conscience of all backgrounds will raise their voice to declare that they will stand in the way of deportations, racial profiling, criminalization, and hatred. We will tell the world that #HTownIsHome and we are #HereToStay.

We will be serving Coffee and Champurrado! Join us!!

We will have a Press Conference, Immigrant will share their stories, making protest art, and community members from different orgs. will prepare banners and signs.

Collaboration with TOP, SEIU, Mi Famila Vota, AFT, and many more!

Starts on
Saturday, 14 January 2017 at 10:30 AM CST
1900 Kane St
Houston, TX
United States
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