To: US Senators

Demand Congress Deliver Citizenship Now

This is a historic moment. For the first time in 35 years, there is hope for millions of our undocumented community to have a pathway to citizenship. A pathway to citizenship for immigrant youth, TPS holders, farm workers and other essential workers was included in the reconciliation package proposal passed by the House and Senate. Now, the negotiations continue until the final budget is passed with a pathway to citizenship included!

DACA has never been enough and has always left out millions of our community members. Undocumented people have been left out of COVID relief throughout the pandemic. We need permanent protections now.

A pathway to citizenship is more than a gesture of support for immigrants, it’s permanent protections, it’s job security, it’s keeping families together. That’s why it is urgent that Congress keeps a pathway to citizenship in the reconciliation package.

ADD YOUR NAME and demand our Senators support a pathway to citizenship through recconcillation - no matter what!

Why is this important?

Undocumented people have been denied basic human rights simply because of their immigration status. Denying undocumented communities a pathway citizenship is holding us back from having a thriving society where everyone is valued.

The urgency of this moment cannot be understated. With Farm workers risking their lives to keep our communities fed during COVID-19 and DACA being attacked in the courts, delivering on a pathway to citizenship for our communities right now is long overdue. We urge you to support a pathway citizenship in the reconciliation package.