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To: Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez

Tell Miami Mayor Carlos: Don’t bow to Trump. Protect immigrants in Miami!

Tell Miami Mayor Carlos: Don’t bow to Trump.  Protect immigrants in Miami!

Tell Miami Mayor Carlos no amount of federal funding should compromise our values! We demand that Miami continue to be a safe haven from hate and continue honoring and celebrate immigrate and refugee resilience and defiance.

Why is this important?

Trump and his administration are trying to intimidate cities across the country by defunding those who are committed to protect their immigrant populations. Instead of standing up to Trump like many other cities have, Miami Mayor Carlos has turned his back on immigrants in this city by ordering county jails to comply with Trump’s immigration detention requests.

Our community is no longer safe - we must act quick to resist.

If enough of us sign this petition, we’ll put the necessary pressure on Mayor Carlos to resist Trump and his anti-immigrant policies that will destroy families and damage our economy. Immigrant families deserve to co live with dignity and respect in the city they call home.

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Miami, FL, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • South florida needs to protect immigrants
  • Miami was always a safe space for me to be Latina, with no need for explanations or justifications. We can't let Miami become commodified by Trump.
  • Although I'm not in Miami, maybe it helps to know that the country is behind him in resisting Trump's anti-immigrant agenda.


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