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To: Lakewood Assistant Attorney Kimberly Cox

Don't Deport Jose, No Deporten a Jose

We are demanding that you grant Jose A Roble's stay while he goes into Sanctuary and awaits a signature for certification of his U visas.

We demand that ICE respect "sensible locations" and not harass Jose or the faith community at the church Jose has seeked and found sanctuary in.

Why is this important?

1. Jose is the father of three daughters, a grandfather, and an important member of his community. His family needs him here.

2. He is a victim of a crime, waiting for a signature from Kimberly Cox for certification of a U Visa; and as such deserves to be with his family as the city does its job to give him that signature. The Lakewood Police Department has failed to sign his certification needed during an urgent moment, and has failed to give any explanation for refusing to give this signature. Jose has worked with the police to prevent any other community members from being a victim.

3. The fact that he is in deportation proceedings is harming this children. Kids should not have to experience this trauma.

4. Right now it's Jose who is in this situation, but tomorrow it can be someone else who suffers this lack of justice. We need a stop to this now! Migrant families should be able to trust law enforcement in these kinds of processes, especially when it's about U visas as victims of crimes.

More importantly, deportations harm families and specifically the children psycologically. This family is suffering while they wait in limbo. No family deserves.

seattle, washington

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