To: Victoria County Sheriff’s Office


On June 30, 2019, 78 contracts between ICE and local police will expire. These contracts allow Sheriffs to voluntarily turn their local police into Trump’s Deportation Force and persecute immigrants. With the deadline fast approaching, we have an opportunity to fight these contracts and protect immigrants all over the country!

287(g) contracts are completely voluntary, so together we can protect immigrants and stop our local Sheriffs from renewing these terrible contracts!

287(g) contracts are the easiest way for the Deportation Force to plant itself in our cities and counties to separate families. When Sheriffs sign on, they’re using taxpayer dollars to force local police to do the work of the Deportation Force and to be tasked with:

- Racially profiling individuals to determine their immigration status;
- Searching for and entering data into the Deportation Force’s database; and
- Holding any community member for up to 48 hours so that the Deportation Force can then transfer that community member to a detention camp, even if the person’s charges are dropped!

But these are OUR homes and we can fight back! Our money should be used to invest in our education, healthcare, and opportunities, not to harm our families and friends.

Sign our petition to tell Sheriffs across America: DO NOT renew your 287(g) contract and stop separating our communities and our families!

Why is this important?

We are firmly opposed to our [County Name]’s participation in the 287g program. We ask that you reject any further collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and DO NOT renew our [County Name]’s participation in the 287(g) program! 287(g) is a symptom of a larger anti-immigrant agenda and is a voluntary program your department chose to engage in. The partnership between [County Name] and ICE is harmful to our community. Not only is it a misuse of our local taxpayer dollars, but it also enables increased racial profiling and deepens fear, distrust and tension in the communities you pledged to protect.

101 N Glass St, Victoria, TX 77901

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