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To: Department of Homeland Security

Grant motion to reopen case for Zakir Hussain

Demand the Department of Homeland Security grant Zakir Hussain the motion to reopen his immigration case so that he may stay with his wife and sons age 6 and 3.

Why is this important?

Zakir Hussain is an immigrant from Bangladesh who came to the United states in 2008. After arriving, he filled an asylum case due to political threats from lawe enforcement in his home country. His brother back in Bangladesh has been arrested multiple times recently by law enforcement due to his political beliefs. Unfortunately his political asylum was rejected in 2009.

In 2011, he got married and later had 2 children with his wife. He worked as a street food vendor to support himself and his family. His wife, a green card holder, applied for his green card in December of 2016. However January of this year, Immigration Customs Enforcement agents came to his food cart and detained him at work. Since then his wife and two children have had to fend for themselves without their father who was the provider for the family. If Zakir is not granted his motion to reopen his case, we hill be separated form his wife and his 6 year old and 3 year old sons.

This is yet an other case of ICE unjustly tearing families apart and depopulating our immigrant communities. We cannot allow Zakir to be taken from his family and his community. We cannot allow Zakir to be deported back to a country where is safety is seriously at risk. We need to keep Zakir's family united and make sure his wife and sons are not abandoned by an unjust immigration system.


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