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To: Department of Homeland Security

Grant motion to reopen case for Riaz Talukder

Demand the immigration judge to grant Riaz Talukder his stay of deportation so that he can stay with his wife who is battling thyroid cancer, and their two sons Rafi and Radi.

Why is this important?

Riaz Talukder is a husband and father of two US born sons Rafi age 15 and Radi age 11. Riaz first came to the US in 1981 but went back in 1998. On August 18th, 2010 he was arrested by immigration officers at home and was sent to Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey. After his home raid and detainment, Riaz learned that he had a deportation order against him. Riaz has been battling this deportation order ever since while attempting to adjust his status to stay with his sick wife, who is battling cancer. Since his arrest in 2010, Riaz has been going to regular supervision check ins with ICE. At his last check-in, he was told to bring his passport and a plane ticket back home for his next ICE check-in on November 20th. If he were to be deported, his wife would be left without his support in her fight against cancer, and his kids would be left without their father.

This is an unjust action by our immigration system to separate a husband and father from his wife and kids. We need to ensure Riaz’s two sons and his wife are not forcefully abandoned by an immigration system that seeks to deport their main caretaker.

Thanks to community pressure through collecting signatures for this petition, by community members who went inside of Federal Plaza today with Riaz for his supervision meeting with ICE, Riaz has been given his next ICE check-in 6 months from now in May of 2018, instead of an immediate deportation as was expected.

However the fight for Riaz to stay with his wife and two sons is not over. We need to continue to get more support for him and demand the motion to reopen his case be approved.


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