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To: California State Legislators

Pass SB 54 to Protect Immigrants in California!

Pass SB 54 to Protect Immigrants in California!

We need you to support the efforts to pass the California Senate Bill 54 introduced by Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León as soon as possible.

The State should not in any way be complicit in facilitating the separation of our communities through the Trump deportation machine. California needs to do everything in its power to prevent people from being caught up in this unjust system.

Your support for this bill moves California closer to ensuring that immigrants, Muslims, and black communities are able to live with dignity and respect in the state that they call home.

Why is this important?

We must immediately move to pass SB 54 to resist Trump's policies to intimidate cities in California that have committed to protect their immigrant populations. Signing this now will ensure that your voice is heard and continue the momentum for sanctuary in the state of California.

California, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Because immigrant (undocumented or not) families are human beings and should be treated with decency and respect for their humanity and should have the right to due process. Ripping apart families and holding folks in detention facilities for undetermined amounts of time without any recourse is unAmerican.
  • Because I should have the right to vote in all states
  • To make sure CA is not contributing to Trump's deportation machine.


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