To: People

Petition to Include Diversity Themed Books in Schools

The Goal. To teach young children to be more welcoming and accepting through literature.

Why is this important?

The Problem. Thanks to the help of advocates, minority groups and members of the LGBTQ+ community are getting more representation in mainstream media. But it doesn’t mean that everyone already accepts them. It’s true that there were significant improvements made, but we are still far from saying that we’ve already achieved racial and gender equality. The worst part is that young children may form negative thoughts about the minority groups and become bullies as they grow old. Children who also come from minority families could feel different about themselves, lose their self-confidence, and have a difficult time forming friendships and relationships because they aren’t guided well.

The Solution. Children are naturally curious, and they will question a classmate who may have a different color of skin or has two dads or two moms as their parents. Discussing these things in the classroom through the use of literature helps normalize diversity and teaches children to become more accepting of other students who may have interracial parents or other setups that make them a bit different than the rest. School children may learn prejudice or discrimination from home, and these negative traits can be corrected at school once their beliefs are redirected.

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