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Petition to Offer Family Law Training

The goal: To improve the lives of children by ensuring that they and their parents fully understand family and custody law.

Why is this important?

The problem: Family breakups are becoming increasingly common. Often, parents and children don’t understand the full implications of divorce. When a separation occurs, the legal process causes enormous stress on parents and children. This has led to an increase in mental health problems, with families unable to heal after they become separated. Inevitably, children growing up in dysfunctional environments will go on to have dysfunctional families of their own.

The solution: Much of the problem lies in the fact that people don’t understand how the divorce process works. This is because most people across the world simply don’t have any legal training. Therefore, we need to offer free law training to families. This will help them navigate the divorce process more effectively.

Furthermore, families should be given free access to a family law lawyer who can answer any questions they may have. This should be offered whether or not a married couple is planning to divorce. Families looking to get in touch with a custody attorney, either for education or to use their services, can find one by visiting this website.


2021-07-22 05:00:41 -0400

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