To: Law Makers

Petition to Provide Free Investment Legal Advice

The goal: To help investors become better at spotting and avoiding investment fraud by giving them access to a legal professional who can advise and represent them in this area.

Why is this important?

The problem: Investment fraud is widespread and affects honest investors. People are just trying to earn an honest living. Maybe they’re even trying to escape from poverty. Many people have big dreams of making a living from investments but their dream is ruined by fraud. What’s the reason fraud is so widespread? It’s because people aren’t financially educated and don’t know how to protect themselves.

The solution: Offer free legal advice on how to make sound investments and how to recover investment losses. Everyone who is involved in investment should have access to a lawyer who can provide advice and support. Even just a basic level of education can save a lot of people down the line.

Financial education should begin at school. Teach students how to wisely invest their money and what dangers to look out for. Adults, too, should be able to attend talks and classes to help them protect their wealth.