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To: Governor Greg Abbott

Reuniting Families

We demand the separation of families to be made illegal and those who break the law, face consequential actions. For there is no law that requires families to be separated in dentition centers.

Why is this important?

Children in detention centers are constantly denied basic human rights. Sleeping on cold, concrete floors with no blankets and are kept in cages like animals. Drenched in urine, fecal matter, and other bodily fluids, children can die from medical neglect. 7-year-old girl Jakelin Caal Maquinn died from an infectious disease that stopped her vital organs from functioning. Her story is one of several deaths due to medical neglect. Kids should be running free or playing with their friends at school to later come home to the arms of their loving parents. Since they are locked up and ripped from their family, they face depression, anxiety, and traumatic stress alone. These experiences can not be undone and will forever negatively impact them.

Austin, TX, USA

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