To: President Joe Biden and U.S. Congress

Save The Raza | Hispanic Immigration Awarness

Biden promised 0 deportations during his first 100 days. However, in his first 29 days, Biden deported 26,248 migrants. Biden pledged as a presidential candidate to prioritize people who posed a safety threat for immigration enforcement. Unfortunately, that promise fails to hold its truth today. Now ICE data show that there have been around 28,700 deportations in fiscal year 2021! We are being promised promises that aren't true and our people deserve better. We must raise awareness of these areas and data to prove how we're being lied to.

Why is this important?

Now join this movement and we obtain justice for our Hispanic community. Together we can create change one step at a time This country is responsible for protecting its citizens and they have failed us once again. With your support, we can do the right thing and revoke the ICE facility permit to stop the inhumane treatment of our community members and stop the separation of families.