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To: California State Legislators

SB 54 California Wall of Justice for Immigrants

We need you to support the efforts to pass the California Senate Bill 54 introduced by Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León as soon as possible, please help us protect the immigrant population, immigrants are a vulnerable target of President Trump's administration on immigration.

The State should not in any way be complicit in facilitating the separation of our families and communities through the Trump deportation machine. California needs to do everything in its power to prevent people from being caught up in this unjust system.

Your support for this bill moves California closer to ensuring that immigrants, including Muslims, and African American communities are able to live with dignity and respect in the state that they call home.

Why is this important?

With the recent series of raids and new orders, this vulnerable population is being criminalized, living in fear, and families are being separated. The fear among immigrants, especially those undocumented, has significantly increased at the same time that the safety within our communities ha diminished. SB 54 is essential because the issue it's rooted in a discriminatory process tearing families apart. SB 54 will create safe zones throughout the state by prohibiting immigration enforcement on public schools, hospitals and courthouse premises.
President Trump's Executive Order because it blurs the definition of what a serious criminal is. Public safety will suffer if local law enforcement loses the trust of the immigrant community or uses its resources to enforce immigration laws instead of focusing on serious felonies. State and local participation in immigration enforcement will come at a serious cost to California unless appropriate safeguards are put in place.

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California, United States

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