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To: ICE Agent Jean Antoine

Stop Noel Lopez's Deportation!

My name is Noel Lopez Reyes, I was born in Guatemala and have chosen to live and contribute to the well being of NY for more than 25 years.

Today my community and I are asking you to use your prosecutorial discretion to stop my deportation.

My family is entirely dependent upon my economic and emotional support.
My son Shaun Lopez, who suffers from multiple disabilities including a severe form of Spina bifida, scoliosis, deformities of limbs, and brain/ spine abnormalities, needs me by his side as he continues to fight for his health and life.

Choose to be on the right side of humanity, and allow my family and I to remain united in our home state of New York.

Why is this important?

Four-year-old Shaun and his six-year-old sister, Viana, are at risk of losing their father, Noel, as ICE may deport him when he appears for a regular check-in on Thursday 10/26. Noel is the sole breadwinner for his family as Shaun's mother cares for Shaun and Viana full-time.

Because of his illnesses, Shaun is wheel-chair bound and completely dependent on his parents. He cannot sit up or walk by himself, and even requires multiple catheterizations each day. He has daily appointments with physical therapists and his medical team. Shaun has had already had many surgeries and will need more in the future. Shaun's mom and dad (Noel) take care of all of his needs.

Noel has lived in the United States for 25 years and is a dedicated father, husband and employee. His family relies entirely on him for economic and emotional support, and to give Shaun with the best chance at a happy childhood and long life. Please join Westchester Hispanic Coalition and Hudson Valley Community Coalition by signing this petition and tell ICE to stop Noel Lopez Deprotation!

Westchester, New York, United States

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