To: The 85th Texas Legislature

Stop Texas Lawmakers' Attack on Immigrant Students. #StopSB4

Stop Texas Lawmakers' Attack on Immigrant Students. #StopSB4

URGENT UPDATE: This bill could be signed into law any day now! Texas campuses like mine are now included in anti-sanctuary, anti-immigrant Senate Bill 4, running the risk of turning my university police department into federal immigration law enforcement. Something they are not trained to do.

"Sanctuary cities" was made an “emergency item” by Gov. Abbott which means SB 4 was fast-tracked, VOTED on and passed in the Senate at an never-before-seen pace. This will quickly turn it into a law used to terrorize immigrant students like me, and people of color, across our communities and campuses.

Join us by signing this petition to demand that Governor Abbott stand on the right side of history and not sign anti-immigrant legislation, Senate Bill 4.

The Texas Legislature meets every two years to pass legislation for our state. In 2015, undocumented students helped defeat heavily anti-immigrant bills but now, elected officials in Texas have made it a priority to pass legislation that harshly targets undocumented immigrants and makes Texas less safe for everyone.

Why is this important?

If anti-immigrant Texas legislators get their way, I will live in fear of being separated from my immigrant family.

My name is Karla Perez and I am an undocumented law student at the University of Houston Law Center. I will graduate from law school in May 2018, twenty-three years after coming to Texas with my parents. My parents and I have set down deep roots in our community, just like many of the 1.5 million undocumented immigrants who call Texas home. Right now, anti-immigrant legislation could be signed and that would make all Texans less secure.

Anti-immigrant bills like Senate Bill 4 by Senator Charles Perry enable racial profiling, and someone like my father, an undocumented person of color, can run the risk of their immigration status being used by local law enforcement to turn them over to ICE. Senate Bill 4 will give local law enforcement the power to enforce federal immigration law, even though they are not trained to do so and this puts people like my parents at serious risk of landing in immigration proceedings and being torn from their loved ones. Increased mistrust in law enforcement will not keep us safe and will only drive undocumented crime survivors and witnesses into the shadows and away from getting the justice they deserve.

Students and educators, along with faith, business, and law enforcement leaders agree that anti-immigrant bills like Senate Bill 4 are bad for all Texans. If enough of us sign this petition and take our stories to the Capitol, Governor Abbott will see that Texas immigrants are here to stay. The more we speak up, the more they will see that our communities in Texas will not let people like me and my parents be endangered by anti-immigrant bullies in the Texas legislature.


Reasons for signing

  • We are a country founded on diversity. Our government should allow all who earnestly seek the American Dream and who strive to make our country a better place live in the greatest country on earth. We should not be in the business of breaking up families. We should not punish those who are here illegally because of the decisions by their parents. Our ancestors all came on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now, and we should come together as one society for all.
  • The immigrant community is tired of being a scapegoat! TX Lege should not waste its time with misguided and dangerous legislation
  • Anti-immigration rhetoric and legislation do not represent my values and threaten the safety and well-being of Texas families


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