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To: The 85th Texas Legislature

Stop Texas Lawmakers' Attack on Immigrant Students. #StopSB4

UPDATE: As soon as the racist “show me your papers” Senate Bill 4 was signed into law by Texas Gov. Abbott,our community took action.

Our pressure is working. Cities across Texas have been voting and passing resolutions to join the lawsuit against SB4. This was a fight by and for immigrants and people of color. It's because of your calls and your action that we scored these important victories.

Recently we pressured Houston's leaders to join the suit against SB4. And we won. This gives me hope. But our work isn't done. We can replicate this work in other cities all across the state.

Why is this important?

My name is Karla Perez and I am an undocumented law student at the University of Houston Law Center. I will graduate from law school in May 2018, twenty-three years after coming to Texas with my parents. My parents and I have set down deep roots in our community, just like many of the 1.5 million undocumented immigrants who call Texas home. Right now, anti-immigrant legislation could be signed and that would make all Texans less secure.

Anti-immigrant bills like Senate Bill 4 by Senator Charles Perry enable racial profiling, and someone like my father, an undocumented person of color, can run the risk of their immigration status being used by local law enforcement to turn them over to ICE. Senate Bill 4 will give local law enforcement the power to enforce federal immigration law, even though they are not trained to do so and this puts people like my parents at serious risk of landing in immigration proceedings and being torn from their loved ones. Increased mistrust in law enforcement will not keep us safe and will only drive undocumented crime survivors and witnesses into the shadows and away from getting the justice they deserve.

Students and educators, along with faith, business, and law enforcement leaders agree that anti-immigrant bills like Senate Bill 4 are bad for all Texans.

Add your name to stand against racist SB4.


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