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The Habesha Dream Campaign

The Habesha Dream Campaign

Habesha Networks and Rebecca Alemayehu are excited to introduce The Habesha Dream Campaign, a new initiative focusing on helping Ethiopians and Eritreans navigate the current immigration crisis. As a community, we can no longer look away and assume the issues around immigration are not affecting our people. The truth is, immigration is affecting the Habesha community in a multitude of ways including DACA, family separation, Immigration Detention and Asylum. Needless to say, there has been an outcry for help from the Habesha Community, and we have a responsibility to respond.

Why is this important?

Currently, many of these people are stuck at the border and in detention centers across the United States. We learned this after we visited one of detention centers with the hopes to provide aid at the border. To our surprise, found so many of our own in a state of fear and confusion in desperate need of support. Because of the lack of financial resources, information, and even translators, most are ultimately deported back to the life they were fleeing. Others in our community are young Dreamers who can't afford DACA renewals but have every right to the life they have always known. We have seen many other communities set up funds to help those suffering, however, the Habesha community has not mobilized to provide their people the same level of support. So we decided to join forces and create this campaign in order to bring back hope to the Habesha Dream.

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I want to help my people and they deserve better


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