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To: President Joe Biden

UNACCEPTABLE!! DACA recipients losing their jobs is a huge financial HARDSHIP!

Please help bring awareness to the HUGE HARDSHIP we are being forced to go through!

We need something better! This is not the solution!

We need the opportunity for an extension!! We need MORE!!

USCIS needs more hands on deck!!

USCIS needs to follow their “process” and need extra help! Some applicants are waiting too long and are losing their jobs!

Why is this important?

My name is Ana Moreno, healthcare worker and mother of 4, as of June 26 I am no longer allowed to provide for my family!

Like many more Dreamers I am on the verge of losing my job! MY LIVELIHOOD!

As of July 9 I will be UNEMPLOYED without the right to apply for unemployment! My children and I will loose our healthcare benefits. And I will loose the right to FINANCIALLY PROVIDE,I will loose my job of 5 years!

I worked hard during this pandemic and like many others will be affected tremendously!

Many of us have ALREADY lost our jobs and are facing HUGE hardships as a result of USCIS processing delays.


I ask that we don’t forget of our dreamers and help press for more help!

We work hard and help just as much for OUR country!


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